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Tiffany Rue

In 2015 I developed immune and thyroid conditions that caused me to lose my hair. My daughter surprised me for my bday with an eyebrow microblading service. I was intrigued by what she did and that experience opened me up to doing research into the pmu world. I got microblading training in 2021. While at home practicing and learning all I could I discovered SMP and loved it. I’ve wanted nothing more than to perform this service ever since. I saved up my money and in 2022 went to Houston to get trained by Graig at Scalp Micro U.S.A.

I love providing a service that gives someone years of their life back. I believe that most of our body’s abilities rely greatly on our mental health and our self confidence greatly affects our mental health. Having a head full of hair is very important. It’s one of the first things people notice about you.

Customers can expect a sanitary and professional artist that closely follows all rules governed by the Louisiana department of health. They can expect someone who is patient and will take the time to answer all questions and to make sure hairline and color match is just the way you want it. I believe that we should never stop educating ourselves and you can bet at any given time I am in the middle of taking an online class that pertains to Smp.

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