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Fuller, Natural-Looking Hair with SMP for Women

Welcome to Tiffany Rue SMP – Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), where we offer a safe and effective solution for women experiencing hair loss. SMP is a procedure that utilizes permanent pigments to copy the appearance of a full head of hair. Tiffany Rue ensures a secure treatment for women with hair loss concerns.

Scalp micropigmentation is beneficial for both bald and thinning hair. Originally developed for people with baldness, SMP for women can also address hair thinning by creating the illusion of fuller hair. By depositing pigments between hair follicles, we can blend the existing hair and conceal areas of baldness.

Tiffany Rue carefully selects pigments that complement your hair color and address any problem areas. Scalp micropigmentation boosts the confidence of individuals experiencing hair loss, regardless of hair length.

Tailored SMP for Women

Customized Solutions for Hair Loss

Before going through with SMP, it’s important to be aware of a few things. Firstly, SMP does not replicate the appearance of long hair. Secondly, if you have a receding hairline, the treatment may be noticeable. To work out if you’re a good candidate for scalp micropigmentation, it’s best to mention any concerns you have in a consultation with Tiffany Rue.

The scalp micropigmentation process involves using small needles that penetrate the scalp to a depth of 2mm, without damaging the hair follicles. The pigments are carefully deposited between the hair follicles to add depth and the appearance of hair without damaging the actual hair follicles.

Typically, SMP for women requires multiple sessions for the best results. Tiffany Rue conducts a thorough assessment of your hair and creates a personalized treatment plan based on your needs. Since everyone’s requirements are unique, scalp micropigmentation offers a highly customizable solution. The color of the pigments is matched to your hair, creating a three-dimensional effect.

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